The Suffering Servant – Isaiah 53

Read the Passage: Isaiah 53 Appearance (53:1–3) As was previously noted, the book of Isaiah contains four so-called “Servant Songs,” which are sometimes referred to as “Servant Poems.” These Songs, […]

The Servant of God – Isaiah 49

Read the Passage: Isaiah 49 Called and Restored (49:1–13) The book of Isaiah contains four so-called “Servant Songs,” sometimes called “Servant Poems,” which describe a particular Servant of God, who […]

The Folly of Idolatry – Isaiah 46

Read the Passage: Isaiah 46 Weakness Described (46:1–2) In this section of his book, Isaiah comforts a future generation of exiled Jews who are in captivity in Babylon. In this […]

Fasting and the Sabbath – Isaiah 58

Read the Passage: Isaiah 58 Counterfeit Religion (58:1–5) The first half of the book of Isaiah is largely focused upon messages of rebuke and judgment (cf. Isa. 1–39), while the […]

Comfort of Salvation – Isaiah 40

Read the Passage: Isaiah 40 Comfort from God (40:1–8) Isaiah 40 marks a turning point in this book, as beginning here Isaiah’s message changes from one of dread and judgment […]

Trusting in God – Isaiah 37

Read the Passage: Isaiah 37 Isaiah’s Assurance (37:1–7) Isaiah 36–39 is an historical narrative that punctuates the prophecies of Isaiah. These four chapters are almost copied verbatim in 2 Kings […]

Trust and Mistrust – Isaiah 31

Read the Passage: Isaiah 31 Error of Mistrust (31:1–3) Generally speaking, in Isaiah 28–33 God is confronting Israel for their self-reliance, their dependence upon others, and their lack of trust […]

Judgment, Justice, and Praise – Isaiah 25

Read the Passage: Isaiah 25 Isaiah’s Praise (25:1–5) Today’s chapter appears in a section of this book (cf. Isa. 24–27) where Isaiah describes the general judgment of God upon all […]

Judgment of Tyre – Isaiah 23

Read the Passage: Isaiah 23 City Identified (23:1–3) It is interesting that many of God’s prophets delivered messages of judgment upon the foreign nations that surrounded Israel. Reasons for this […]