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Tag: Salvation

Saved by Grace – Ephesians 2:1–10

Read the Passage: Ephesians 2:1-10 The Need of Salvation (2:1–3) In Eph. 1:3–14 Paul wrote about several themes relating to salvation as he addressed predestination, adoption, redemption, and sealing by […]

Israel and Salvation – Romans 11

Read the Passage: Romans 11 God’s Remnant (11:1–10) In Romans 9, Paul expressed his personal desire to see ethnic Israel saved, he showed that the present apostasy of Israel was […]

Romans: Introduction – Romans 1:1–17

Read the Passage: Romans 1:1-17 Authorship and Date: The book of Romans was written by the apostle Paul, and this letter stands at the forefront of his thirteen epistles (or […]

Jesus’ Crucifixion – Mark 15:24–47

Read the Passage: Mark 15:24-47 Some Mocked (15:24–32) Mark 15:1–23 records Jesus’ trial before Pilate and subsequent scourging. Note that, for his own literary purposes, Mark conflates Jesus’ various trails […]

Riches and Rewards – Mark 10:17–31

Read the Passage: Mark 10:17-31 Ruler’s Question (10:17–22) In Mark 10, as Jesus began to make His way toward Jerusalem, Mark records Christ’s encounter with a rich, young, ruler. At […]

Healing of a Paralytic – Mark 2:1–12

Read the Passage: Mark 2:1-12 Faith of the Paralytic (2:1–5) As this chapter begins we find Jesus in Capernaum, where He had taken up temporary residence, likely in Peter’s home […]