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Tag: Sabbath

Fasting and the Sabbath – Isaiah 58

Read the Passage: Isaiah 58 Counterfeit Religion (58:1–5) The first half of the book of Isaiah is largely focused upon messages of rebuke and judgment (cf. Isa. 1–39), while the […]

Early Galilean Ministry – Mark 3

Read the Passage: Mark 3 Healing (3:1–6) The Sabbath is an important theme in this book, as in his Gospel Mark mentions the Sabbath 11 times. In Mark 2:23–28 Jesus […]

Jesus and the Pharisees – Matthew 12

Read the Passage: Matthew 12 Rejection of Jesus (12:22–30) This chapter begins with an account about Jesus’ interaction with the Pharisees concerning the Sabbath. Two narratives are recorded. The first […]