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Tag: Unity

Mystery of the Church – Ephesians 3:1–13

Read the Passage: Ephesians 3:1-13 Revelation of the Mystery (3:1–7) As he explored the importance of justification by faith alone in Eph. 2:11–22, Paul reminded his Gentile readers that they […]

Reconciled by Christ – Ephesians 2:11–22

Read the Passage: Ephesians 2:11-22 Enmity in the Flesh (2:11–13) In this letter Paul is encouraging the church, exhorting spiritual growth, and fostering Christian community—all by reminding the believers in […]

Greetings and Admonitions – Romans 16

Read the Passage: Romans 16 Roman Saints (16:1–16) Sometimes believers are tempted to skip reading lists of names in the Bible, such as the lengthy genealogies and the greetings that […]