Vanishing Satisfaction – Ecclesiastes 6

Read the Passage: Ecclesiastes 6

Lack of Satisfaction (6:1–6)

As we saw earlier, Eccl. 5:18–20 is one of five passages in the book of Ecclesiastes where Solomon gives a positive exhortation to enjoy the present world, including the fruit of one’s labors (cf. Eccl. 2:24; 3:11–13, 22; 8:15). Continue reading Vanishing Satisfaction – Ecclesiastes 6

The Wisdom of Agur – Proverbs 30

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Source of Wisdom (30:1–9)

In our first week of study, we noted that Solomon wrote most of the proverbs in this book. Yet, the book itself identifies other authors who contributed to the text, including: Hezekiah’s servants, Agur, and Lemuel. Continue reading The Wisdom of Agur – Proverbs 30

Providence and Wisdom – Proverbs 21

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Providence, Plans, and Work (21:1–8)

As with the other chapters in the current section of this book (cf. Prov. 10–29), Proverbs 21 contains a wide variety of proverbs that apply wisdom to many different areas of life. Continue reading Providence and Wisdom – Proverbs 21

Concluding Exhortations – 1 Timothy 6

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Greed and Contentment (6:1–10)

While Paul does not give many specific details about the false teachers in the Ephesian church, we can learn about their doctrine from Paul’s general description of their errors, as well as from the issues on which Paul chooses to instruct Timothy. Continue reading Concluding Exhortations – 1 Timothy 6

Church Admonitions – James 5

Read the Passage: James 5

Regarding Oppression (5:1–6)

Several times in this epistle James has addressed the topic of wealth and poverty, focusing upon the dangers of material wealth and the need for spiritual poverty (cf. Jas. 1:9–11; 2:5–7). Here in Jas. 5:1–3 James again writes about wealth and poverty. In this passage James confronts the rich, not for their possession of wealth, but for their misuse of wealth. Continue reading Church Admonitions – James 5

The Importance of Faith – James 1:19-2:13

Read the Passage: James 1:19-2:13

Evidence for Faith (1:19–27)

In Jas. 1:19–20 James disclosed three commands that, when implemented, can be evidence of Christian spiritual maturity. James wrote that his readers were to be (1) swift to hear, (2) slow to speak, and (3) slow to wrath. That which believers ought to be especially eager to hear, writes James, is the “Word of truth” (Jas. 1:18). Continue reading The Importance of Faith – James 1:19-2:13