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Tag: God’s Sovereignty

Joshua’s Farewell – Joshua 23–24

Read the Passage: Joshua 23-24 Joshua’s Address (23:1–16) The final two chapters of the book of Joshua contain Joshua’s farewell speeches to Israel, as well as an account of Joshua’s […]

Jonah’s Ministry – Jonah 2–3

Read the Passage: Jonah 2-3 Prayer (2:1–10) Jonah 1:17 records that when Jonah was cast into the sea, he was swallowed by a great fish that the Lord had prepared […]

David’s Census – 2 Samuel 24

Read the Passage: 2 Samuel 24 Command of David (24:1–9) Since a large part of the book of 2 Samuel details David’s shortcomings, perhaps we’d expect the book of 2 […]

Trust in God – Habakkuk 3:1-19

Read the Passage: Habakkuk 3:1-19 Plea for Mercy (3:1–2) In Hab. 3:1–2 Habakkuk asks for mercy in the midst of the impending judgment God had foretold in Hab. 1-2. This […]