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Tag: Kingdom of God

The Millennium – Revelation 20

Read the Passage: Revelation 20 Reminder: The book of Revelation is structured around seven parallel sections, each describing the time between Jesus’ first and second comings. These sections can be […]

Jesus’ Transfiguration – Mark 9:1–13

Read the Passage: Mark 9:1-13 Context (9:1–4) Mark 9:1–13 records the transfiguration of Jesus, an event reported in all three of the Synoptic Gospels, at John 1:14, as well as […]

Jesus’ Parables – Mark 4

Read the Passage: Mark 4 Parable of the Soils (4:1–20) The Parable of the Soils, which is the longest of all of Jesus’ parables, is also recorded at Matt. 13:1–23 […]

Acts: Introduction – Acts 1

Read the Passage: Acts 1 Authorship & Date – While this book is technically an anonymous work, nearly all scholars agree that Luke is the author of the book of […]

Parables of the Kingdom – Matthew 13

Read the Passage: Matthew 13:1-43 Parable of the Soils (13:1–9, 18–23) Matthew chapter 13 is a theologically rich chapter, as here Jesus gives eight parables to describe the Kingdom of […]