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Tag: Miracles

Three Healings – Mark 5

Read the Passage: Mark 5 Requests (5:1–34) Mark 5 narrates three separate miracles of Jesus, which are the ninth, tenth, and eleventh miracles of Christ that Mark records. Note that […]

Healing of a Paralytic – Mark 2:1–12

Read the Passage: Mark 2:1-12 Faith of the Paralytic (2:1–5) As this chapter begins we find Jesus in Capernaum, where He had taken up temporary residence, likely in Peter’s home […]

Saul Consults a Medium – 1 Samuel 28

Read the Passage: 1 Samuel 28 Consultation of a Medium (28:3–11) At 1 Sam. 25:1 it was reported, “Samuel died; and the Israelites gathered together and lamented for him, and […]

Ministry in Ephesus – Acts 19

Read the Passage: Acts 19 Ministry (19:1–10) Acts 18:23 records the beginning of Paul’s third missionary journey, which occurred between AD 53–57, and entailed Paul re-visiting many of the cities […]

Perils of Ministry – Acts 14

Read the Passage: Acts 14 Opposition (14:1–7) Acts 13 records the beginnings of Paul’s first missionary journey, which occurred in 48 AD. This journey took Paul and Barnabas first to […]

Gospel Progress – Acts 5:12–42

Read the Passage: Acts 5:12-42 Ministry and Arrest (5:12–21) Acts 5:12–16 records that God was pleased to facilitate many signs and wonders among the people during the early days of […]

Peter’s Ministry – Acts 3

Read the Passage: Acts 3 Healing the Lame (3:1–10) Acts 3 records the first specific ministry events of the newly formed church. As a testimony to the Jewish nature of […]

Belshazzar’s Pride – Daniel 5

Read the Passage: Daniel 5 God’s Revelation (5:1–12) Since the book of Daniel is only twelve chapters long, yet covers 70–80 years of time, the chronology between chapters can be […]

The Triumphal Entry – Matthew 21:1–22

Read the Passage: Matthew 21:1-22 Arrival of Jesus (21:1–11) The triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem is one a few narratives that is recorded in all four Gospels. At Matt. […]