The Four Trumpets – Revelation 8

Read the Passage: Revelation 8

Reminder: The book of Revelation is structured around seven parallel sections, each describing the time between Jesus’ first and second comings. These sections can be delineated into chapters 1–3, 4–7, 8–11, 12–14, 15–16, 17–19, and 20–22. Continue reading The Four Trumpets – Revelation 8

The Ram and the Goat – Daniel 8

Read the Passage: Daniel 8

Vision (8:1-14)

In this chapter, which begins the Hebrew portion of this book, we read of a second vision given to Daniel, two years after the vision recorded in Dan. 7. This vision is similar to Daniel’s previous vision, as well as the dream of Nebuchadnezzar recorded in Dan. 2. A notable difference in this chapter is that Daniel’s vision came in the day, whereas his earlier vision, as well as that of Nebuchadnezzar, were at night. Perhaps it is more accurate to call the earlier visions dreams. Continue reading The Ram and the Goat – Daniel 8

Vision of the Four Beasts – Daniel 7

Read the passage: Daniel 7

Daniel’s Dream (7:1–8)

Daniel notes that he received a dream “in the first year of Belshazzar king of Babylon,” which was 553 BC. Chronologically speaking, the events of chapter 7 occurred after those in chapter 4 and roughly 14 years before the events of chapters 5–6. The dream that Daniel had, which is remarkably similar to Nebuchadnezzar’s first dream (cf. Dan. 2:1–13), consisted of a vision of four beasts which parallel Nebuchadnezzar’s four-tiered image. Continue reading Vision of the Four Beasts – Daniel 7

Belshazzar’s Pride – Daniel 5

Read the Passage: Daniel 5

God’s Revelation (5:1–12)

Since the book of Daniel is only twelve chapters long, yet covers 70–80 years of time, the chronology between chapters can be unusual. There are four kings who appear by name in Daniel: Nebuchadnezzar (chs. 1–4), Belshazzar (ch. 5), Darius (chs. 6–9), and Cyrus (chs. 10–12). The events in today’s passage involve Nebuchadnezzar’s son (or, perhaps, his grandson) and successor Belshazzar. Continue reading Belshazzar’s Pride – Daniel 5

Nebuchadnezzar’s Second Dream – Daniel 4

Read the Passage: Daniel 4

Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream (4:1–18)

Given Nebuchadnezzar’s contact with Daniel and his friends, as well as his confessions (cf. Dan. 2:47; 3:29), one might think the king was on the verge of salvation. Yet, contact with believers alone does not convert. Nebuchadnezzar had been convicted, but not converted. He had been charmed, but not changed. However, the king’s retrospective confession in Dan. 4:1–3, 8 signals that a change had occurred, which he describes in this chapter. Continue reading Nebuchadnezzar’s Second Dream – Daniel 4

Nebuchadnezzar’s First Dream – Daniel 2

Read the Passage: Daniel 2

Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream (2:1–13)

Chapter 2 contains a narrative “in the second year of Nebuchadnezzar’s reign” (Dan. 2:1). Since chapter 1 occurred in the first year of his reign, and Nebuchadnezzar had appointed Daniel to a three year enculturation program (cf. Dan. 1:5), this chapter is likely anachronistic and contains events that transpired before the end of events in chapter 1. The narrative tells us of a dream of Nebuchadnezzar. Continue reading Nebuchadnezzar’s First Dream – Daniel 2