Call to Worship – Psalm 103

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Man’s Worship (103:1–5)

While the exact occasion of David’s writing of Psalm 103 is unknown, it seems likely that it was penned later in his life, when David had a sweeter sense of God’s forgiveness, on account of a greater awareness of his own sin. Continue reading Call to Worship – Psalm 103

Judgment of Tyre – Isaiah 23

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City Identified (23:1–3)

It is interesting that many of God’s prophets delivered messages of judgment upon the foreign nations that surrounded Israel. Reasons for this include: (1) Some of the Gentile nations were enemies of Israel and did great harm to God’s people; Continue reading Judgment of Tyre – Isaiah 23

Public Miracles – Mark 6

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Feeding of Five-Thousand (6:32–44)

After reporting several miracles in the preceding chapter, the first half of Mark 6 records the rejection of Jesus at Nazareth (cf. Mark 6:1–6), the sending and return of the twelve apostles (cf. Mark 6:7–13, 30–31), and the death of John the Baptist (cf. Mark 6:14–29). While these events occurred near the apex of Jesus’ ministry, they also demonstrate the growing hostility of many towards Christ’s message. Continue reading Public Miracles – Mark 6