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Tag: John the Baptist

Questioning Jesus – Mark 11–12

Read the Passage: Mark 11-12 Elders’ Question (11:27–33) The questioning of Jesus by the chief priests, scribes, and elders (cf. Mark 11:27–33) followed Christ’s cleansing of the Temple, which was […]

Mark: Introduction – Mark 1

Read the Passage: Mark 1 Authorship and Date – As with all the Gospel narratives, the Gospel of Mark is technically anonymous. The name of John Mark, however, has long […]

Ministry in Ephesus – Acts 19

Read the Passage: Acts 19 Ministry (19:1–10) Acts 18:23 records the beginning of Paul’s third missionary journey, which occurred between AD 53–57, and entailed Paul re-visiting many of the cities […]

The Ministry of Jesus – Matthew 14

Read the Passage: Matthew 14 Mourning (14:1–12) Earlier, in Matt. 4:12, we saw that John the Baptist had been imprisoned. In Matt. 11:2–6 we saw how John was questioning whether […]

Jesus’ Identity – Matthew 11

Read the Passage: Matthew 11 Dialog with John (11:1–15) In Matt. 4:12 we read that John the Baptist had been put in prison. The details of this imprisonment, as well […]

Jesus’ Early Ministry – Matthew 3–4

Read the Passage: Matthew 3-4 Person of John (3:1–17) In this passage Matthew records the message, appearance, and ministry of John the Baptist, whom he has not mentioned previously in […]