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Tag: Persecution

The Scroll and Seals – Revelation 6

Read the Passage: Revelation 6 Reminder: The book of Revelation is structured around seven parallel sections, each describing the time between Jesus’ first and second comings. These sections can be […]

David’s Flight – 1 Samuel 21–22

Read the Passage: 1 Samuel 21-22 David Flees from Saul (21:1–9) Upon learning from Jonathan that, indeed, it was Saul’s intent to kill him, David fled from the royal court […]

Toward Jerusalem – Acts 20

Read the Passage: Acts 20 Travels in Greece (20:1–12) In Acts 19 we studied Paul’s three-year ministry in Ephesus, which filled up most of the time on Paul’s third missions […]

Paul’s Second Missionary Journey – Acts 16

Read the Passage: Acts 16 Galatia (16:1–10) In Acts 13–14 we studied Paul’s first missionary journey, which occurred in AD 46–48. Paul’s second missionary journey, which occurred in AD 50–52, […]

Perils of Ministry – Acts 14

Read the Passage: Acts 14 Opposition (14:1–7) Acts 13 records the beginnings of Paul’s first missionary journey, which occurred in 48 AD. This journey took Paul and Barnabas first to […]

Gospel Progress – Acts 5:12–42

Read the Passage: Acts 5:12-42 Ministry and Arrest (5:12–21) Acts 5:12–16 records that God was pleased to facilitate many signs and wonders among the people during the early days of […]

Disciples Arrested – Acts 4:1–31

Read the Passage: Acts 4:1-31 Arrest (4:1–12) Acts chapter four contains a record of the first public persecution faced by the church. The text reports that the leaders, including the […]