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Category: Acts

Peter’s Ministry – Acts 11–12

Read the Passage:  Gentiles’ Conversion (11:1–26) Word of Peter’s preaching of the gospel to Cornelius and his household reached the church leaders in Jerusalem. Upon visiting Jerusalem, Peter gave an […]

Gospel to the Gentiles – Acts 10

Read the Passage: Acts 10 Revelation to Cornelius (10:1–8) Over the past few chapters we’ve studied Stephen, the first martyr (Acts 7); Philip, the first missionary (Acts 8); and Saul, […]

The Apostle Paul – Acts 9:1–31

Read the Passage: Acts 9:1-31 Paul’s Life: Pre-Conversion (9:1–2) Earlier in the book of Acts, at Acts 7:58 and 8:1–3, we were introduced to “a young man named Saul,” who […]

God’s Servants – Acts 6–7

Read the Passage: Acts 6-7 Choosing of Deacons (6:1–7) In Acts 6:1 Luke writes, “In those days . . . the number of the disciples in Jerusalem was multiplying.” While […]

Gospel Progress – Acts 5:12–42

Read the Passage: Acts 5:12-42 Ministry and Arrest (5:12–21) Acts 5:12–16 records that God was pleased to facilitate many signs and wonders among the people during the early days of […]

Lying to the Holy Spirit – Acts 4:32–5:11

Read the Passage: Acts 4:32-5:11 Communal Sharing (4:32–37) In our previous study of Acts 2:42–47 we focused on the Acts communal sharing example that is reiterated in Acts 4:32–37. In […]

Disciples Arrested – Acts 4:1–31

Read the Passage: Acts 4:1-31 Arrest (4:1–12) Acts chapter four contains a record of the first public persecution faced by the church. The text reports that the leaders, including the […]

Peter’s Ministry – Acts 3

Read the Passage: Acts 3 Healing the Lame (3:1–10) Acts 3 records the first specific ministry events of the newly formed church. As a testimony to the Jewish nature of […]