Practical Wisdom – Ecclesiastes 7

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Death and Foolishness (7:1–10)

More so than in the preceding chapters, in Eccl. 7 Solomon begins to write in a style very similar to that of the book of Proverbs. This same genre will be Solomon’s method of writing throughout most of the remainder of this book. Continue reading Practical Wisdom – Ecclesiastes 7

Vanishing Satisfaction – Ecclesiastes 6

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Lack of Satisfaction (6:1–6)

As we saw earlier, Eccl. 5:18–20 is one of five passages in the book of Ecclesiastes where Solomon gives a positive exhortation to enjoy the present world, including the fruit of one’s labors (cf. Eccl. 2:24; 3:11–13, 22; 8:15). Continue reading Vanishing Satisfaction – Ecclesiastes 6

Speech, Riches, and Gifts – Ecclesiastes 5

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Wise Speech (5:1–7)

As Solomon moves toward concluding the first part of his investigation into “all that is done under heaven” (Eccl. 1:13), he briefly detours from his general discussion of labor in Eccl. 2:18–6:9 to specifically address wise speech in Eccl. 5:1–7. Continue reading Speech, Riches, and Gifts – Ecclesiastes 5

Envy, Friendship, and Popularity – Ecclesiastes 4

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Oppression and Envy (4:1–6)

In his investigation into labor in Eccl. 2:18–6:12, Solomon occasionally veers off into other related subjects. Eccl. 4:1–3 is one such occasion as here Solomon considers oppression. Continue reading Envy, Friendship, and Popularity – Ecclesiastes 4

Time and Work – Ecclesiastes 3

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Seasons and Tasks (3:1–8)

Recall Solomon’s dual teaching given throughout this book: (1) all is vanity—that is, the duration of life is short, the meaning of life is elusive, and the actions of life are repetitive; and (2) we must fear God and enjoy His good gifts in the present. Continue reading Time and Work – Ecclesiastes 3

Searching for Meaning – Ecclesiastes 2

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Physical Pleasure (2:1–11)

While Solomon declared his intent to investigate the meaning of life in Eccl. 1:12–18, even revealing the conclusion of his search at Eccl. 1:14, it is not until Eccl. 2:1 that Solomon begins to give specific details about his vital quest. Continue reading Searching for Meaning – Ecclesiastes 2

Ecclesiastes: Introduction – Ecclesiastes 1

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Author and Date: The term “Ecclesiastes” means “preacher” or “one who calls an assembly.” This title is derived from the author’s description of himself in Eccl. 1:1–2. Note that while the author refers to himself as “the preacher” Continue reading Ecclesiastes: Introduction – Ecclesiastes 1