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Category: Isaiah

Judgment, Justice, and Praise – Isaiah 25

Read the Passage: Isaiah 25 Isaiah’s Praise (25:1–5) Today’s chapter appears in a section of this book (cf. Isa. 24–27) where Isaiah describes the general judgment of God upon all […]

Judgment of Tyre – Isaiah 23

Read the Passage: Isaiah 23 City Identified (23:1–3) It is interesting that many of God’s prophets delivered messages of judgment upon the foreign nations that surrounded Israel. Reasons for this […]

Prophecy of a Virgin Birth – Isaiah 7

Read the Passage: Isaiah 7 Problem Described (7:1–2) Like many of the books in the Bible, the material recorded in Isaiah is not presented in strict chronological order. Note that […]

The Call of Isaiah – Isaiah 6

Read the Passage: Isaiah 6 Holiness of God (6:1–4) Isaiah received his prophetic call to ministry in the year that King Uzziah died, which was ~739 BC. Uzziah had been […]

Isaiah: Introduction – Isaiah 1

Read the Passage: Isaiah 1 Author and Date – Isaiah was a prophet who ministered mainly to the southern nation of Judah during the time of the divided monarchy. He […]