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Category: James

The Problem of Pride – James 4

Read the Passage: James 4 Pride and Self (4:1–10) Of all of the topics that James could have addressed in his letter, the first two practical subjects that he brings […]

Spoken Words – James 3

Read the Passage: James 3 Power (3:1–5) In writing “my brethren” (Jas. 3:1), it is clear James is beginning a new section of his epistle (cf. Jas. 1:2; 2:1, 14; […]

Faith and Works – James 2:14–26

Read the Passage: James 2:14-26 Teaching (2:14–17) James’ use of the phrase “my brethren” (Jas. 2:14) indicates he is beginning a new section of his letter (cf. Jas. 1:2; 2:1, […]

The Importance of Faith – James 1:19-2:13

Read the Passage: James 1:19-2:13 Evidence for Faith (1:19–27) In Jas. 1:19–20 James disclosed three commands that, when implemented, can be evidence of Christian spiritual maturity. James wrote that his […]

James: Introduction – James 1:1-18

Read the Passage: James 1:1-18 Authorship and Date – There are four men in the Bible named “James,” which is the Greek equivalent of the Hebrew name “Jacob.” These are: […]