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Category: Joshua

Occupying the Land – Joshua 13–22

Read the Passage: Joshua 13-22 Division of the Land (13:1–19:51) The contents of Joshua 13–19 may seem boring to some readers, as they report—in a monotonous fashion—the division of the […]

Confronting Sin – Joshua 7

Read the Passage: Joshua 7 Result of Sin (7:1–9) The first verse in Joshua 7 gives an overview of the contents of the chapter. In sum, this chapter narrates the […]

The Capture of Jericho – Joshua 5:13–6:27

Read the Passage: Joshua 5:13-6:27 Divine Commander (5:13–15) Joshua 2–5 covers some important events in the history of Israel. Joshua 2, which likely occurred chronologically before the events in Joshua […]

Joshua: Introduction – Joshua 1

Read the Passage: Joshua 1 Authorship and Date – The book of Joshua is one of 12 historical books in the Old Testament. Joshua means “the Lord is salvation” and […]