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Category: Romans

Liberty, Love, and Faith – Romans 14

Read the Passage: Romans 14 Christian Liberty (14:1–13) Since sanctification is a process, oftentimes new believers do not grasp the implication of the gospel for their lives. Indeed, many new […]

Christians and Government – Romans 13

Read the Passage: Romans 13 Submit to Authority (13:1–7) In Rom. 12:17–21 Paul instructed the Roman believers about their duties toward their enemies, as he wrote that they were to […]

The Christian Life – Romans 12

Read the Passage: Romans 12 Living Sacrifices (12:1–2) Paul’s pattern in all of his epistles is to begin by teaching theology and conclude by covering ethics. Indeed, this structure is […]

Israel and Salvation – Romans 11

Read the Passage: Romans 11 God’s Remnant (11:1–10) In Romans 9, Paul expressed his personal desire to see ethnic Israel saved, he showed that the present apostasy of Israel was […]

Israel and the Gospel – Romans 10

Read the Passage: Romans 10 Zeal and Knowledge (10:1–4) In Romans 9, Paul demonstrated that God’s promises of salvation to Israel were never solely genetic, even in their original context. […]

Election and Redemption – Romans 9

Read the Passage: Romans 9 Identity of Israel (9:1–13) Paul begins this section about the restoration of Israel by expressing his personal concern for his own nation, even expressing a […]

Work of the Spirit – Romans 8

Read the Passage: Romans 8 Flesh and Spirit (8:1–11) Recall in Romans 7 Paul had taught that believers are “dead to the law through the body of Christ” (Rom. 7:4). […]

Power of the Law – Romans 7

Read the Passage: Romans 7 General Illustration (7:1–6) In Romans 6, Paul began his explanation about sanctification by addressing those who might object to his teaching on justification by faith […]

Sin and Righteousness – Romans 6

Read the Passage: Romans 6 Dead to Sin (6:1–14) Having explained the doctrine of justification in Rom. 3:21–5:21, beginning in Rom. 6:1 Paul unfolds the doctrine of sanctification as he […]