The Servant of God – Isaiah 49

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Called and Restored (49:1–13)

The book of Isaiah contains four so-called “Servant Songs,” sometimes called “Servant Poems,” which describe a particular Servant of God, who ultimately is Christ. These Songs, which especially emphasize Jesus’ sufferings, are recorded at Isa. 42:1–4; 49:1–6; 50:4–7; and 52:13–53:12. Continue reading The Servant of God – Isaiah 49

Romans: Introduction – Romans 1:1–17

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Authorship and Date: The book of Romans was written by the apostle Paul, and this letter stands at the forefront of his thirteen epistles (or fourteen if Paul wrote the book of Hebrews). In fact, apart from the Gospels, the book of Romans is arguably the most important book in the New Testament, as it contains the most systematic presentation of the doctrine of salvation in the Bible. Continue reading Romans: Introduction – Romans 1:1–17