The Servant of God – Isaiah 49

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Called and Restored (49:1–13)

The book of Isaiah contains four so-called “Servant Songs,” sometimes called “Servant Poems,” which describe a particular Servant of God, who ultimately is Christ. These Songs, which especially emphasize Jesus’ sufferings, are recorded at Isa. 42:1–4; 49:1–6; 50:4–7; and 52:13–53:12. Continue reading The Servant of God – Isaiah 49

Freedom and Forgiveness – Philemon

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Author and Date: The book of Philemon is known as one of the prison epistles—along with Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians—as Paul wrote these letters  between 60–63 AD from a Roman prison (cf. Acts 28:16, 30). Observe that Philemon is the only personal letter among the prison epistles, and one of just four personal letters of Paul in the Bible, the others being 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, and Titus. Continue reading Freedom and Forgiveness – Philemon

Christian Living – Titus 2

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Gender Roles (2:1–8)

As he had done in writing to Timothy, so here in Titus 2 Paul addresses the topic of gender roles. While we may be tempted to think that distortion and confusion of gender roles is a modern phenomenon, issues related to gender roles have always been a struggle for fallen humanity, making this issue a frequent target for false teachers. Continue reading Christian Living – Titus 2