Vanishing Satisfaction – Ecclesiastes 6

Read the Passage: Ecclesiastes 6

Lack of Satisfaction (6:1–6)

As we saw earlier, Eccl. 5:18–20 is one of five passages in the book of Ecclesiastes where Solomon gives a positive exhortation to enjoy the present world, including the fruit of one’s labors (cf. Eccl. 2:24; 3:11–13, 22; 8:15). Continue reading Vanishing Satisfaction – Ecclesiastes 6

Teaching and Healing – Mark 7

Read the Passage: Mark 7

Pharisees Confronted (7:1–23)

In Mark 1–3 Jesus had several meaningful, albeit less than cordial, interactions with the scribes and Pharisees. Yet, interestingly, these religious leaders are completely absent from the narrative in Mark 4–6. As a side note, observe that the Sadducees are only mentioned one time in this Gospel, at Mark 12:18. Continue reading Teaching and Healing – Mark 7