The Joy of Forgiveness – Psalm 32

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Sin and Guilt (32:1–4)

Most scholars believe that Psalm 32 was written by David in the context of his sin with Bathsheba and consequent confrontation by the prophet Nathan (cf. 2 Sam. 11–12). If this is correct, then it is likely that David penned this psalm after writing Psalm 51, for in Psalm 51 David asks for forgiveness and in Psalm 32 David reflects upon having received forgiveness. Continue reading The Joy of Forgiveness – Psalm 32

David and Bathsheba – 2 Samuel 11–12

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David’s Sin (11:1–5)

Given that David was “a man after God’s own heart” (Acts 13:22), and considering his rise to power and victorious reign narrated in 2 Samuel 1–10, it may have been tempting for his contemporaries to wonder if he was the promised Messiah. However, in the last half of this book, it is clear that while David was a picture of Christ, he was a only man. Continue reading David and Bathsheba – 2 Samuel 11–12