Folly and Authority – Ecclesiastes 10

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Effects of Folly (10:1–7)

As he had done in Eccl. 7, so here in Eccl. 10 Solomon uses a writing style similar to that of the book of Proverbs, as each verse contains a wisdom teaching that may or may not be related to the surrounding verses. Continue reading Folly and Authority – Ecclesiastes 10

Perils of Foolishness – Proverbs 5

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Present Temptation (5:1–6)

Back in Prov. 2:16 Solomon had noted that wisdom will “deliver you from the immoral woman, from the seductress who flatters with her words.” Then, in Prov. 2:17–22, Solomon described the temptation that the immoral woman represents for the man of God, as Solomon concludes that embracing her will result in death. Continue reading Perils of Foolishness – Proverbs 5