New Heavens and New Earth – Isaiah 65

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Superficial Worship (65:1–7)

In the final nine chapters of this book (cf. Isa. 58–66), Isaiah confronts the false religion of some within Israel, exhorts the nation to repent, and describes the future blessings of God’s people. Continue reading New Heavens and New Earth – Isaiah 65

Redemption of God’s People – Isaiah 43

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God’s Deliverance (43:1–7)

Isaiah 43 is one of the high-point chapters in all of the Old Testament, as here God makes it clear that the reason for the creation, salvation, and deliverance of Israel did not arise from something within the nation itself, but from God’s own sovereign choice of Israel as a people to worship Him. Continue reading Redemption of God’s People – Isaiah 43

Jesus’ Transfiguration – Matthew 17:1–13

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Context (17:1–3)

Matt. 17:1–13 contains one of the most interesting and well-known narratives in Jesus’ ministry—that is, the account of the transfiguration of Christ. This narrative is given in each of the Synoptic Gospels, is mentioned by Peter at 2 Pet. 1:17–18, as well as John (cf. John 1:14). The reason why Jesus chose to reveal His divine glory, which he had earlier set aside (cf. John 17:5; Phil. 2:7), to the disciples is unclear. Perhaps this event was for the disciples’ later benefit (cf. Rom. 15:4). Continue reading Jesus’ Transfiguration – Matthew 17:1–13