Call to Worship – Psalm 103

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Man’s Worship (103:1–5)

While the exact occasion of David’s writing of Psalm 103 is unknown, it seems likely that it was penned later in his life, when David had a sweeter sense of God’s forgiveness, on account of a greater awareness of his own sin. Continue reading Call to Worship – Psalm 103

The Folly of Idolatry – Isaiah 46

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Weakness Described (46:1–2)

In this section of his book, Isaiah comforts a future generation of exiled Jews who are in captivity in Babylon. In this larger division of the book (cf. Isa. 40–48) Isaiah encourages this future remnant by giving prophecies of peace. Continue reading The Folly of Idolatry – Isaiah 46

David Praises God – 2 Samuel 22

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Plea of David (22:1–16)

It is likely that not all the events recorded in the final chapters of the book of 2 Samuel happened chronologically at the end of David’s life. Yet, the psalm recorded in chapter 22 was surely composed by David near the end of his life, as he reflected upon God’s lifelong faithfulness to him. This song is also recorded at Psalm 18. Continue reading David Praises God – 2 Samuel 22