Redemption of God’s People – Isaiah 43

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God’s Deliverance (43:1–7)

Isaiah 43 is one of the high-point chapters in all of the Old Testament, as here God makes it clear that the reason for the creation, salvation, and deliverance of Israel did not arise from something within the nation itself, but from God’s own sovereign choice of Israel as a people to worship Him. Continue reading Redemption of God’s People – Isaiah 43

Israel and Salvation – Romans 11

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God’s Remnant (11:1–10)

In Romans 9, Paul expressed his personal desire to see ethnic Israel saved, he showed that the present apostasy of Israel was prophesied in the Old Testament, and he defended God’s righteousness. Continue reading Israel and Salvation – Romans 11

Israel and the Gospel – Romans 10

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Zeal and Knowledge (10:1–4)

In Romans 9, Paul demonstrated that God’s promises of salvation to Israel were never solely genetic, even in their original context. Rather, salvation has always been by faith alone in order “that the purpose of God according to election might stand, not of works” (Rom. 9:11). Continue reading Israel and the Gospel – Romans 10

Election and Redemption – Romans 9

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Identity of Israel (9:1–13)

Paul begins this section about the restoration of Israel by expressing his personal concern for his own nation, even expressing a desire to trade his own salvation for the redemption of Israel. Of course, as Paul had just taught in Rom. 8:38–39, it is not possible to lose or to exchange one’s salvation (cf. John 10:28). Continue reading Election and Redemption – Romans 9