Searching for Meaning – Ecclesiastes 2

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Physical Pleasure (2:1–11)

While Solomon declared his intent to investigate the meaning of life in Eccl. 1:12–18, even revealing the conclusion of his search at Eccl. 1:14, it is not until Eccl. 2:1 that Solomon begins to give specific details about his vital quest. Continue reading Searching for Meaning – Ecclesiastes 2

Ecclesiastes: Introduction – Ecclesiastes 1

Read the Passage: Ecclesiastes 1

Author and Date: The term “Ecclesiastes” means “preacher” or “one who calls an assembly.” This title is derived from the author’s description of himself in Eccl. 1:1–2. Note that while the author refers to himself as “the preacher” Continue reading Ecclesiastes: Introduction – Ecclesiastes 1