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Category: Proverbs

Application of Wisdom – Proverbs 3

Read the Passage: Proverbs 3 Personal Benefits (3:1–12) After describing the value of wisdom in Proverbs 2, in Proverbs 3 Solomon details some of the benefits of wisdom—both personal and […]

Value of Wisdom – Proverbs 2

Read the Passage: Proverbs 2 Availability of Wisdom (2:1–9) In Prov. 1:20–23 Solomon had described the availability of wisdom. All throughout this book Solomon will personify wisdom as a herald […]

Proverbs: Introduction – Proverbs 1

Read the Passage: Proverbs 1 Authorship and Date: King Solomon is noted as the main author of the book of Proverbs three times in this text (cf. Prov. 1:1; 10:1; […]