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Tag: Leadership

The Way of Wisdom – Proverbs 14

Read the Passage: Proverbs 14 Reverence and Speech (14:1–10) The material in Proverbs chapters 10–29 is to some extent more scattered than the content of Proverbs 1–9, 30–31. This not […]

Excellence of Wisdom – Proverbs 8

Read the Passage: Proverbs 8 Availability of Wisdom (8:1–11) As he had done back in Prov. 1:20–21, so here in Proverbs 8:1–3 Solomon personifies wisdom as a wise woman standing […]

The Lion’s Den – Daniel 6

Read the Passage: Daniel 6 Daniel’s Character (6:1–9) Although Daniel had served faithfully under Nebuchadnezzar for many years, he appears to have fallen into anonymity under Nebuchadnezzar’s successor, Belshazzar. Perhaps […]